10 Best Soccer Dribbling Drills for U6, U8, U10 | Fun Soccer Drills by MOJO

Of all the soccer skills, dribbling is the first — and most fundamental to ball mastery. But young soccer players and seasoned players alike benefit from practicing different ways to dribble the ball. As young players develop, they’ll master dribbling with their dominant and non-dominant foot, running with the ball, turning the ball, controlling the ball and keeping the ball close in all sorts of situations — first on their own, and then with the pressure of a defender.

These 10 soccer drills help players develop their dribbling skills as they move up and down the field:
0:05 Duck Tails
1:40 Red Light, Green Light
3:25 Dinosaur Tag
5:07 Island Hopping
6:40 Snake
8:30 101 Dalmatians
10:11 Gates Dribbling
11:54 Body Part Dribbling
13:22 Dancing Ball
14:45 Moving Goal

Can’t get enough dribbling? Advanced dribblers can try their hand— er, foot— at our favorite trick moves, including the Cruyff turn, the Maradona Turn, the Ronaldo Chop, the Scissor and the Stepover.


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