10 Minutes of Hilarious Football TikToks (Soccer)

In this video you will see the funniest TikTok videos about football / soccer. Funny moments, football freestyle, awesome skills, great goals & a lot more funny clips!

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Featured in this video:
@oussifooty, @officialmcfootball, @simplymason, @gomeznawer, @zaynqf, @skillafc_, @ralfmolotokas, @kimfootball, @little_mush, @moderngoalkeeper, @jacopoviola_gk, @ryutricks, @mark.kuz, @evdokiapopadinova

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  1. i just really want to play soccer right now but i cant bc i have covid which makes me tired very fast and that i hurt my toe

  2. 2:13 listen and read

    El pipe de oro
    Footballs golden boy
    Parting such sorrow
    You inspired the stars of tomorrow
    Rest in piece

  3. 5:50
    One, we do not say that and two, it is not soccer it is football and if you say soccer you probably shouldn’t play football

  4. Girls: “Boys don’t feel real pain.”
    Boys: Kicks the ball and it stops literally just at the goal line by 1 inch

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