12-Year-Old DEADLY Striker Is the FUTURE of US Soccer!

12-year-old soccer prodigy Alessandro Cupini is one of the most SKILLED players in his age group!


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  1. Not being cocky but I’m better than this kid and if I had all the stuff he has at his disposal I could go pro

  2. Ok I play on the A team that representes north Idaho in tournaments U12. Not to hate on him,but it seems if you just man marked him you could shut him down. One other thing I am a CB he messes around a lot if you no nonsense mark or step to the ball I think you can beat him. Also this is my mom's account if you were wondering on the profile picture.

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  4. We want u to stop overrating kids that can Afford all of this and go out and look for kids that actually work for what they want the ones that have to for scouts and that r not rich. And most of this kids r actually not that good as other kids and those kids aren’t rich and work every day by themself with no private or payed coach. If they have a coach is there team coach or there dad and most of us can play in Gym fields and most kids just go to the park and practice there

  5. It’s just funny because i mean look what he has to train with compared to some kids in different country’s like Brazil 🇧🇷 Argentina 🇦🇷
    And the kids in those country’s are insanely good. It just shows that you don’t need any equipment to become a great footballer all you need is the courage to play 👍

  6. this kid is good but he’s not that great on my u15 team most of them are all better than this kid and we’re better than this kid when they were his age

  7. I just wanna say that my little cousin who is 11 his team was 2nd out of 15k teams in Chicago but hes not rich so he disent get noticed lol

  8. You can’t decide who is good and who is not good at football until they are 16 bc that is when you see the real footballers get good

  9. Love how they've learned to put "US Soccer" and not something about him being the next big thing in the world

  10. The only thing I don’t like ab living in America is that futbol is literally pay to play, I wish it was more like Europe or Spain

  11. Man there are some haters on here. Everybody says it’s cause he has rich parents and it’s not his work ethic. Why do you think his parents have money? Cause they worked hard and had hard work ethic to provide for their kids and they are passing that on to him! Don’t be mad cause he has money, be mad at your parents for being lazy and not being successful to provide for you! Stop making excuses why you aren’t any good. Nobody cares about your excuse!

  12. I played this guy in a match. Decent player but he was benched a lot of the game but when he was in the game he didn’t do much just ball hogged and and dribbled a lot.

  13. This kid should watch out cause I’m the next generation Mbappé my g
    I’m faster than lightning itself bro

  14. Of course he doesn’t want to practice in the front yard because he wants to train at a fancy field or somewhere we’re the grass is good

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