14-Year-Old Soccer PHENOM | LAFC Rising Star

Phoenix Watkins is only 14 years old, but has already made varsity as a freshmen and is making WAVES in the soccer world!


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  1. Its only offense that get credit there not bad at all there all insane but where the appreciation for defence in these videos

  2. Finally someone who is actually humble I would also love to play with him he seems like a good guy and a great player too keep it up bro

  3. He has a chance, but my dream is to become a Footballer, but I think I won't be in football.

    But my dream is to football

    He has the chance and good coach to play..

    Pls pls use it.

    I literally cried while watching the vedio

  4. I started training 2-4 hours. Also Guys a tip for You. A few years ago i played football aswell for allmost 2 years and did not get good. I was getting better but i wasent getting good and than i started to not feel motivated and started Think that football was taking some of my free time so i left my club. Right now i have trained for 2 months and practiced jougles. I only Got to 11 but when i was at my football club i could get to only 5 because i did not train it. But Guys it really does give ball controll and i Can feel that i am allmost as good as i was when i practiced 2 years and now i practiced 2 months and i am about as good as i was last maybe even better and definitly better in some cases. Others Not but still. Keep practicing alot every day if You cant do jougles than practice that most so You get over atleast 20 and than start training some other stuff Because it really does give ball controll. And ball controll is basically the best stat. It makes You good in alot of things. Accuracy which helps your shooting and passing. It helps your dribling. And to Be honest it helps allmost everyone of your stats.

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