3 Tips for Young Soccer Goalkeepers

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Today, we will be giving you 3 tips for young soccer goalkeepers.

The first one is to learn how to cover your angles properly. Unfortunately, many goalkeepers play too deep into their net. A better way to block incoming soccer balls, would be to come out a little bit further out the net, to cover as much angles as possible to prevent the forwards from scoring a goal.

This tactic is excellent to help you block much more of that big net. However, you need to be careful about the chip shots, meaning when the ball goes over your head into the net. If you’re advanced far enough and the forward makes this move, you’ll need to get back into your net very quickly to make the save.

The second tip is know how to properly cover a corner kick. This is a very important soccer tip, than can help you and your team win more matches.

Corner kicks, happen very often in a game and you want to be able to remove the risk of the opposing team to score a goal. You want to catch the ball in the goal area to prevent forwards form scoring. If for any reasons you cannot catch the ball, you can punch it away, out the goal area.

The third and last tip for young soccer goalkeepers is to learn how to not hesitate when the ball or a player comes to you with a chance at goal. If you’re sure that you can get to the ball quicker than the opposite teams players, you need to take that chance and attack that ball.

If you have that chance, you run very quickly towards the incoming ball and you kick it far away in the center of the field so that it’s not a danger anymore. If you can freeze the ball, then that is a great option as well.

We really hope that you enjoyed these 3 tips for young soccer goalkeepers. If you found it useful or think that it can be useful to someone else, please share it.

Thank you for watching and have a great day!

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  1. This guy sucks he does not know how to dive and he is to agressif. When there is a shot from outside the box you do not come out halfway trough the box and going for the ball on a corner kick on the dot is never a good idea.

  2. I am a keeper who played for the Liverpool academy in England and this video is not good for beginners who want to learn about there position just a few tips for everyone 1. On corners start at a 45 degree angle and how far you stand is dependant on how tall and how confident you are 2. Always catch the ball above head height or at the highest point 3. Don’t stand that far off you line you will get chipped and lastly enjoy goalkeeping

  3. everyone ignore this video im semi pro and have just been cringing there would be far too much people to run to the penalty spot like he was showing and the low catch on one corner kick the oppisition would have got there head to it before him 🙂

  4. Are you using the goal for when taking the corners. If not then fair enough but if you are then the positioning is all off as your body should be a 45 degree angle whilst your head fully turned to watch the corner come in

  5. i’m 13, go to a private school which is k-12 and our varsity soccer team is top 50 in the nation, (i’m not gonna give out the school name due to school policies) and i am in seventh grade (held back in second) and i am on our youngest team because 7th grade is the first year you can play for the school. in 7th and 8th grades we can’t make cuts so our teams are bad. 1/2

  6. Thanks for the help because i have a match tommorow and im a goalie and i play U11 stands for under11 and i always stay in the net that will help me more thank you

  7. hi can someone give me any tips at game time i get very nervous, i start to get cold KKK, but when i'm not playing the nervousness goes away. and only when I play. can someone give me. advice for me to overcome this nervousness when playing in goal.

  8. Recently started to play soccer again after a 2 years, my coach wants me as goalie again but my confidence was low and i was nervous, the more i play the more confident i get and the more i grab the ball and come out away from the net. the thing im struggling most with is covering the corners so this was very useful for me.

  9. People should watch gk goluremi's video on this, this guy is not a good goalie and his tips are vague and mostly incorrect.

  10. showing how to cover corner kicks is hard because you don't have any other players that would most likely get to the ball before you. If you are a shorter keeper start 3/4 of the way to the back post because it's easier to run forward than backward. I would also place myself maybe 5-7 feet from the net because if you are to far out they can easily pass around u and your angles may not be covered as well as they should. If you are not confident in getting the ball from the kick than you should move back into your net to prepare for a deflection or a header. But take everything I say with a grain of salt because I am no pro.

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