6 Players Who Were Injured Because Erling Haaland Is Too Powerful

You already know about the speed and strength of Erling Haaland. But did you know he is so powerful that he can injure people just by standing close to them? Some players have even hurt themselves trying to injure him! We look at six times the power of Haaland hurt or humiliated his opponents — and there are some big names on this list!

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  1. Don't get me wrong I love Haaland one of my favourite players behind Messi, but I don't get what makes him scary? I play rugby league and I play hooker/lock, and I am below average height, I tackle people who stand at 6'3 and 110kgs, and I do it pretty well as I got defender of the year at my club only missing 5 tackles all season.

    This is not a flex or anything, like I said I love Haaland he is a great guy, but why is everyone scared of him? I could never be scared of him, he is such a nice guy.

  2. Title should be 6 players who were even weaker than cunt doll Erling Haaland… I'm propably 10-20kg lighter yet still… nothing special…

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