Argentina vs. Australia | Tokyo Olympics 2020: Men's Soccer Highlights | NBC Sports

The Olyroos made good on their promise to shock the world at the Tokyo Olympics, getting goals from Lachlan Wells and Marco Tilio en route to a stunning 2-0 upset of Argentina in their opening match of the men’s soccer tournament. #NBCOlympics #Tokyo2020 #Soccer
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The men’s and women’s soccer competitions at the Olympics consist of two stages, a group stage and a knockout stage. The men’s group stage, with 16 total teams, features four groups of four teams each. The women’s group stage, with 12 teams, includes three groups of four. The group drawing accounts for seeding and geography. In this way, teams avoid playing neighboring countries in early matches. Each team plays the others in its group once, with three points for a victory, one point for a draw and none for a defeat. Teams are ranked by most total points accumulated in the group, and ties are broken by goal difference.

For the men, the top two teams in each group advance to the knockout stage. For the women, the top two teams in each group and the two best third-place teams advance. In both tournaments, the knockout stage begins with the quarterfinal round. All knockout stage matchups are contested over one 90-minute game. In the event of a tie after the 90 minutes, a 30-minute extra time period is played, followed by a penalty shootout if necessary.

The winners of the quarterfinal matches face off in the semifinals. The semifinal winners advance to the Gold Medal Match, the semifinal losers play in the Bronze Medal Match.

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Argentina vs. Australia | Tokyo Olympics 2020: Men’s Soccer Highlights | NBC Sports


  1. Angentinians are very passionate about soccer. I don't even want to know them watching it live and their team unable to score at least one goal at this match…

  2. Everybody Knows if a team gets a red card game is 90% lost. There are fouls to : 1 side 2 the other 3 half and half. I keep on saying it for it keeps on happening. Every team in the world that plays against UK or any of their Common Wealth teams wil SUFFER this: scale 1-10 a foul say 6 if comited by Common wealth teamns : " nothing is going on if is the other is yellow card ( so logic). If its a faul 9 on the scale is a yellow for the common wealth and a red to the other team. Every play will be a offside for the other team and the referee will be left behind and so a way fake he didn't the the common wealth team offside so a clear and easy goal. Any little thing will be a penalty and the other players is faking a fall if it is for the other side. There are only 3 thing that can be donde in futbol (soccer) 1 Shoot 2 pass 3 drible. Common wealth teans CAN NOT drible so their referees make shure they can be rude defending (no cards) and get penalties And/ OR red cards to even or win the situation. Very typical of these peoples (remember the colonies). The Argentinian guy was indian (he knew he had a yellow), o other yellow. If a white would done that referee would have get close and tell him to clam down. But it was an Indian so yellow card. This game was a 1-0 with posibility of a 1-1.

  3. When refs don't do their job properly"………The fault is always the one that starts the aggression….. the Australian player has the entire soccer field to run but decides to "run-over" The defender….and this ref sees nothing wrong with that…..until …after getting dragged a few feet.. the Argentinian player stands his grown and then pushed back..(a normal reaction to such an "unsanctioned-i llegal charge") by the ref….and then the ref decides to reprimand the Argentinian player….had the ref done his job properly ..the moment the Australian player charged like a rugby match he should have been ejected…or given a warning ! and ..this the becomes a perfect example of how a "confused ref" can mess up one team while favoring another . It's obvious this ref is not qualified to officiate anything on the international level because of the potential damage he can do to the integrity of the sport and the " clean up" that's required……..but for this one the damage is already done….

  4. This is only the Olympic games…Argentina is concentrating on the two way more important tournaments – WC and Copa America.
    That said good game for Australia helped immensely by this clown wearing referee outfit, all this shoving and pushing in the penalty area during corners kicks is part of the game and anything overt is cautioned only, never ever seen cards shown for that.

  5. the second yellow/red card on Ortega was not deserved.
    no holding, didn't pull the jersey, arms wide, just trying to stay on the right side of the Australian, didn't charge him — the goalie pushed Ortega

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