Beginner Soccer Mistakes You Should NEVER Make

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Spanish Translation and Subtitling: Fernando –

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0:00 Intro
1:16 Poor Body Position
2:00 Playing with your head down
2:40 Standing Flat Footed
3:12 Power Over Placement
3:49 Not Protecting Yourself
4:19 Over Dribbling
5:14 Lack of Awareness
5:42 Letting the Ball Bounce
6:17 Not Knowing Your Teammates


  1. This video totally help me to do better on my soccer match
    I watch this channel and this channel help me with many things
    Thank you

  2. i've been playing futsal all my life and switch to football in recent months. i found almost all my teammates are struggling to play simple yet effectives, they always seems to dwelling on the ball too long, while futsal players mostly keep it simple first touch – passes – movement off the ball. on the other hand, i lacked pace for long distance running (10m+) because i mainly using my agility to play around spaces, not to outpaces my enemies.

  3. 1. Poor body position
    2. Playing with your head down
    3. Standing flat footed
    4. Power over placement
    5. Not protecting yourself
    6. Over dribbling
    7. Lack of awareness
    8. Letting the ball bounce
    9. Not knowing your teammates

  4. I’ve played this sport for 8 years but it’s still good to watch the little things that makes a big difference on how you play

  5. Mu left eye is completely blind. Only right one works i thought because of my left eye i dont see what's going around and behind me. So i don't play football that much these days. But i got fucked up. You proved me wrong. Thank you guys for letting us know these mistakes. I'mma work for it. ❤️

  6. As a beginner where to start practicing on your playlist. Please suggest step by step all your video playlist 🥳

  7. Its really an amazing video. I am a 20 year old boy and a beginner in football. At times I trip over the ball and fall down and sometimes loose control over the ball and opponent tackles me. So, how can I improve and correct my mistakes and be a better player?

  8. I hate running much during matches, so I see for placements and create opportunities for my team or myself, a sort of compensation 😂
    But I got the stamina 😂😂

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