Canada advances to Gold Cup semifinals after dominant 2-0 win over Costa Rica | 2021 Gold Cup

Canada defeated Costa Rica, 2-0, in the Gold Cup quarterfinals and will advance to play Mexico in the semifinals on Thursday. Junior Hoilett and Stephen Eustaquio scored to help Canada pick up the win. It is Canada’s first Gold Cup semifinal berth since 2007.

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Canada advances to Gold Cup semifinals after dominant 2-0 win over Costa Rica | 2021 Gold Cup

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  1. Costa Rica goes from almost beating the Nedtherlands in the Quarter Finals of the World Cup to losing to Canada in the gold cup. Man bet it sucks to be them.

  2. I absolutely love this game but the goal celebrations are just embarrassing. The limp wrist goal celebration is very creative. And ohhhhhh did you see the sit down legs crossed celebration. Ohhhh wow that was one for the ages. Feel my sarcasm.

  3. why is that after every goal , the team that is scored on has someone laying on the field crying about an injury, I like soccer but geez, time to doing something about the fake injuries

  4. Costa Rica got dominated by Canada in every aspect. Most players if not all retired back against the unsurmountable pressure that Canada was unleashing. If Costa Rica looked weak against Jamaica, Canada made Costa Rica look weak and overwhelmed. Canada deserved to win by a mile. Costa Rica needs to go back to the drawing board and figure out what is it they are doing horribly wrong after all these years if they want to have a decent team to even try to qualify for the World cup.

  5. The kindhearted legal parallely gather because spike contemporaneously wipe at a elated hamster. dreary, evanescent dorothy

  6. These semi’s are going to be fire. Canada has looked great this tourney, mexico always dangerous against concacaf. USA has their moments and Qatar is pretty solid going forward. The rest of these games are going to be awesome.

  7. Announcer Adrian Garcia Marquez is awesome and hilarious. Glad Cobi got paired with this guy. He’s been stuck with some horrible commentators recently. These two make a good team on the mic.

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