Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema shine in Portugal vs. France draw | Highlights | ESPN FC

Portugal vs. France certainly didn’t disappoint in Group F at Euro 2020. Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema each score twice in the 2-2 draw. Ronaldo equals the men’s all-time goalscoring record for his country with 109 goals. Group F finishes (first to fourth): France, Germany, Portugal and Hungary.
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  1. If you're a Frenchman, how do you root for your own country's national team when literally no one is French? Is simply wearing the jersey enough? Imagine the national team of Japan where everyone on the team was from Africa or the Middle East. Just because they're wearing the Japanese jersey, is that really enough for the average Japanese man on the street to get behind the side? Here in America, we see more and more of our non-Founding stock athletes turning their backs on the American flag and the national anthem. Or taking a knee. Heed my words when I say that it will not be uncommon for national loyalty to evaporate in time, starting on the football pitch.

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  3. The whole world looks at Ronaldo with enthusiasm and Messi has already been pushed to history books. Ronaldo is alive! Messi is dead!

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  5. 3/4th of the goals were from penalties. It would have not been worth my time if it were not for Pogba’s stellar performance.

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