Cristiano Ronaldo HAT TRICK as Portugal pummels Luxembourg | UEFA World Cup qualifying | ESPN FC

Cristiano Ronaldo scores another international hat trick, Bruno Fernandes and Joao Palhinha each added another as Portugal beats Luxembourg 5-0 in UEFA World Cup qualifying.

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  3. Apart from this match, this referee is one of the worst recently. He makes a lot of mistakes and I don't get how they still give him matches. I suppose only because he is French.

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  6. Ronaldo should be over weight, retired, and on a yacht.. but instead hes proving yet again why heโ€™s the best in the world

  7. man i swear the VAR long waited approval made the game 100 times better and more watchable ,much better than a referee and a stubborn wrong irreversible call !

  8. they really uploaded all of these highlights inn 720p only? ESPN is such garbage, this is why no one watches soccer in usa

  9. Props to Ronaldo but itโ€™s wasnโ€™t even a penalty for the first goal, Bernardo Silva was outside the box

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  13. Ronaldo astonishing as usual. The referee had to double check his goal, VAR was used in a match with team already defeated abundantly clear but the final of the nationโ€™s league was not treated as this one. France got helped from UEFA.

  14. This is why Cristiano Ronaldo got so many goals in international matches, because you've got teams like Luxembourg, San Marlino, Andorra, Faro Islands, etc., against which you can score easy goals. On the other hand, this is not likely against any South American team. Messi simply does not have such feat playing there.

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