Cristiano Ronaldo, Ramos, Adama Traoré: Who Had The Craziest Fitness Journey?

All football players are fit but some of them are fitter than others. In this extremely muscled up video, we’re counting down the best body transformations in football!

#CristianoRonaldo #SergioRamos #AdamaTraoré


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  1. Amazing davies gazelle to Usain bolt Usain bolt like look. Of course bayern demand it. They the best, can afford the best drugs direct from their Bayer!

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  3. They forgot about Kylian Mbappé. I mean common the guy has made an amazing body, speed, talent transformation since his Monaco years.

  4. Most of players these days are ripped. It's been for quite some time…
    Managers first look at physical shape and running capability and only then playing quality.
    Any amateur can receive and pass the ball, but doing short sprints for 90 minutes while also physically fighting opponents for ball or position…

  5. If you want to understand genes how they play a role in making muscles

    Take your 10 best friends to gym
    And everyone will came up with different results
    Some will grow arms faster than you
    Or some will grow legs faster than you
    Fu** up genes is when you have dont leg genes that grow faster your legs
    I have experience it and I gain 20kgs weight just for the damn legs
    For athles you have to wait for at least 3 years😓😓😓

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