Cristiano Ronaldo's Admirable Reaction To A Japanese Kid Who Was Being Made Fun Of

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed footballer on social networks and one of the most appreciated. When we see the admirable reaction he had when a Japanese child was mocked by the crowd at a promotional event in Tokyo, we understand why! We’ll revisit this story in this new video.

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  1. As a Hungarian British immigrant I know what it is like to get laugh at when your pronunciation or words aren’t quite right. Ronaldo is international, he knows how hard it is. Most of these nationalists don’t.

  2. How many people makes the effort to learn a second language and care to speak it in front of someone they deeply admire. Bravo to that boy. Don't do anything different boy, you already are on the road of success.

  3. This will not be a distant memory for Cristiano Ronald. He will remember this moment as well as the young man, he has a good heart.

  4. There was a time when a young CR7 just moved to Manchester United and was so nervous speaking English, He can totally relate to this kid.

  5. I certainly salute Renaldo for his support for this young man who did everything he could to respect Renaldo in everything way. It's one thing to be a great player. It's an entirely different thing to be a great man returning respect to those who respect him.

  6. Thus man is humble,wise, vigilant,good father,good husband,good son,

    And good human being….May GOD almighty guide him and protect him

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