1. Refs get 2 make wrong calls all the time its about time karma got one of em kill anyone who tries to tell you what to do or you will forever be a slave to them

  2. The ref just admitted to pushing the kid away. Right or wrong u touch my kid you're gonna get that slam and then some.

  3. Trash parents have trash kids. The son should be barred from playing for instigating, and the dad should be sent jail.

  4. i'm not really surprised, i've seen few of my nephew little league games in nyc and you can definitely see that refs were against guest teams. Its sad to see referee's crush 10yrs old with fake calls.

  5. That was not a slam it was hardly a tackle. Watch some football and you’ll learn what a tackle is. Watch some MMA and you’ll learn what a slam is.

    He ran into the ref knocked into the ref causing him to fall to the ground and stood over him while yelling at him. That is long winded but more accurate.

  6. Don’t you guys hear what the dad is shouting at him? He saying don’t you ever lay a hand on my son what we didn’t see was the referee pushing the kid. I would never let an adult get away with putting their hands on my child!

  7. If this idiot can't control his temper then take his kids out of sports so he can stay home and out of people's faces.

  8. Kicking the whole team out of the league is totally Bullsh**, it’s one male Karen of a Dad, he should face charges, don’t get me wrong but those kids did nothing to justify that punishment.

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