El Salvador vs. USA: Extended Highlights | CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying | CBS Sports Golazo

The U.S. usher in a new era versus El Salvador, as their world class roster of young talents looks to overcome the USMNT’s 2017 calamity at Couva.

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  1. Well, surprisingly fantastic!, 4-1 in their own turf?, it's just amazing!!. Going into the second half one goal down I was trying to control myself, but when it was 1-1, and the way they were playing I knew something good was coming. Pulicic again a disappointment. Embarrassingly he completely missed a heather there was only one play that contributed to a goal, then he left the pitch limping. Good luck on his come back to Chelsea,… their German coach must be closely watching him.

  2. So proud of the Salvadoran team ! Love both teams ! Half of my heart is 💙 and the other half is ♥️

  3. My mom is from the US and my dad is from El Salvador so i root for both teams! Id absolutley love to see both sides of my culture make it into the WC. Espsecially EL SALVADOR

  4. simple. Until our best athletes play soccer, we aren't going to
    dominate. Love Pulisic, but what is he, 155 pounds? All the best
    athletes are in the south and California and they play football,
    basketball and a few baseball.

    If the US ever did have even 1/4th of our
    best athletes play, we would dominate the world. Imagine all the
    defensive backs and linebackers in football switching to soccer at age
    10. Until that happens, we are going to struggle to beat teams like

  5. Weak game, these teams only but a better foot forward when playing Mexico, it’s a damm shame that’s what makes them better.. boring game…🤨

  6. that's it, i'm taking my crypto and moving to el salvador… tired of the pinche eslavos unidos….

  7. All national teams have increased their skill it’s not just Mexico and USA no more let’s be real in the region

  8. I watched the USA National team and the England National team play in the last few days. There is no comparison between the two. The USA team is pathetically inept and disorganized. Only a series of miracles will allow them to qualify for the World Cup. I don't believe it's possible.

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