France STUNS Belgium with last-minute winner to reach Nations League final | Highlights | ESPN FC

World champion France recovers from a two-goal deficit to beat Belgium 3-2 in a thrilling UEFA Nations League semifinal. The decisive strike comes from Theo Hernandez in the 90th minute as Les Bleus secures a place in Sunday’s showpiece match against Spain.

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  1. tielemans should never have played in that game, he and he alone was responsible for Belgium not getting to the final, if he did not play in that game Belgium would have gone to the final for absolutely sure

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  3. In the 2018 World Cup it was T. Hernandez crossing to Pavard for a beautiful finish, this time it was Pavard crossing to T. Hernandez

  4. This game was amazing but omg do yall need to toughen up the refs, im tired of seeing players go down so easily and abusing the rules. Its not the players fault, they’re bending the rules to their advantage. But the refs need fixing.

  5. Joke penalty. Refs don't like Belgium. Also called a joke penalty when they played Italy. Hard to win when refs make up penalties against you.

  6. Can we just talk about how insane it is that two brothers are in the French national team, sorry…one of the most talented stacked French team in history and two brothers are doing the business for them? Mama's gotta be proud.

  7. The Lukaku goal looks just like a famous Landon Donovan goal. I want to see a close up of the keeper closing his eyes in terror.

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