HIGHLIGHTS: Canada vs. El Salvador (Concacaf 2022 World Cup Qualifying, Sept. 8, 2021)


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  1. As I said it before, El Salvador is gonna see another world cup in 2028. El Salvador will have another opportunity since, Canada, USA and Mexico are gonna host the world cup 2028. El Salvador can't play against teams that aren't its level. Mexico, USA and Canada, have more talents soccer players.

  2. 캐나다가 엘살바도르를 쉽게 이겨서 첫 승을 거두면서 기분 좋게 승리를 해서 너무 좋네.엘살바도르의패스와수비 실책을 해서 완전 실망감이 크네.

  3. Congratulations, representing well. Crisper passing in D ! The left D was almost takin out because of a weak pass from the Center.
    Other than that amazing !!

  4. I'm from El Salvador 🇸🇻 but Canada is doing a great job I think that Canada is going to qualify to the world cup El Salvador 🇸🇻 we have to work hard to do it ❤️🇸🇻💪

  5. If youre Canadian do not translate this comment, no centroardidos Canada no nos va a ganar somos los padres de toda Concacaf y titulos y participaciones internacionales lo avalan! Asi que por un empate con Panama no demuestra nada, cuando tengan a panama en sus casas o en el rommel vienen y me dicen que tal les va!

  6. Wow how canada has evolved, this is a top team, wow the speed, control, walls, passing, power, technique, woowwwww

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