1. Does anyone else think stuttering on the penalty run up to see where the goalkeeper is going to dive is unfair and bordering on cheating?

  2. So ref gives Miami a red than takes it back, gives tfc a red, disallows an obvious goal for tfc because half of the goalies body is in the net, doesn’t do a retake for the ok when clearly the Miami guy was in the box before the kick and I’m to believe the refs weren’t biased in anyway? Give me a break. This league is a joke. The beer league for players on their way to retirement.

  3. I can't believe inter miami was in the last position 4 months ago. Now they're gonna play the play-off.

  4. 5 :47 replay clearly shows that ball is rolling inside of goal after goalkeeper's attempt to save it ( his both hands are also inside of goal) and rebounding back to the field from his legs . And Ramy Touchan had a chance for video review as he did in case with Laryea when he cancelled penalty kick. But he failed to do so . Another mistake is not to retake penalty scored by Makoun wrong way and obvious presence at least 3 Inter players in box before Makoun's shot . This game definitely must be replayed .

  5. Referee is neither bad or corrupt, he just followed the rules and the ball have not fully reached the goal line. If you get such an obvious red card, cannot score on such a mistake and give a free and stupid penalty in the end, i say it's all on TFC fault.

  6. the ball was miles over the line, surely … Idk why MLS, after all this time, doesn't have GLT even though they use VAR, and with VAR, they can't put a camera on the goal line to review this…..

  7. So the corrupt MLS took away a goal from Toronto. It was very clear……………………………….

  8. I only watched two replays and I was totally DISGUSTED! First was the "No Goal" ….. If the ref and the line ref didn't or couldn't see that the ball was WELL OVER THE LINE they should not be refs in MLS! Second replay was the penalty K, the called foul was right but as the PK shooter hesitated his shot a Miami player entered the penalty zone which is an AUTOMATIC retake of the PK but the ref failed AGAIN to make the right call!
    The one thing I CAN'T STAND is POOR OFFICIATING in any Sport🤢🤮!
    mia sententia 🦂

  9. I'm a Miami fan and even I could see that ball crossed the line. TFC got robbed that time. Should've been a tie. Fair is fair

  10. As much as I want to celebrate my herons making it to 5th seeding after this win with using our first meet as a way to not feel any sympathy towards Toronto with the suspicious officiating (considering we were the ones that were on the wrong end of that when Richie Laryea pulled that stunt on Ben Sweat to give them that tie-breaking penalty goal), I can't help but not feel good about this victory – Toronto nearly outplayed us with 10 men down the rest of the 53 minutes of the game and 3 particular players' that kept missing the goal (Lewis Morgan, Julian Carranza, and ESPECIALLY Robbie Robinson and his slow and overly-conservative executions) nearly costed it for us! It should've been 1-1 as that definitely looked like a goal (not to discredit Marzman who's been a fantastic goalkeeper UNLIKE John McCarthy). Nonetheless, congratulations to them, now it's up to them to see if they can hang on to that 5th seed, because we've got the Red Bulls next, then Nashville is looking forward to redemption after we ended their 9-game lossless streak, then Atlanta United are looking forward to getting their first win against us, and then there's Portland… 😰

  11. I love Robbi Robinson's game. I'm gonna go out on limb here: he'll be a top striker for the US before long. He'll be in Europe before long, also.

  12. That was one of the clearest red cards for DOGSO ever.. but good lord, the ref literally had eyes on the goal for the Toronto goal they disallowed.. the goalies hands were literally behind the line, how is that clear and obvious??

  13. They can look at a red card review but cant look at a ball over the line? i dont get it. I am a Miami Fan and if this would happen the other way around id be furious

  14. Who is the twat commentator who keeps saying "TFC" ? That's a meaningless expression. Why can't he just say "Toronto" ? (The commentator sounds like he is from UK ……. the twat has NO excuse for talking like a fool).

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