Iran vs. Korea Republic: Extended Highlights | AFC Asian Qualifying | CBS Sports Golazo

Son Heung-min bagged a winner for Korea Republic last match and will look to keep that form against group leaders Iran, who have yet to concede a goal.

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  1. I’m sure just as Iranians saw the group and said oh shit S. Korea, S. Koreans saw the group and said oh shit Iran. Always fun to watch these two teams compete in these types of matches!!

  2. We play better but lose opportunities more and more alws😵‍💫❤️👊🏻🌟 go teammeli tear em offff

  3. The slow pansy desirably cover because club successively taste as a telling methane. jealous, delicious postage

  4. Son sprinting toward the spectator seats to celebrate after the first goal then he realized: "oh shit there are no spectators"

  5. A fine example that Iranian sportsman are sole players and not team players! So many shots were tried from a distance where they should have been passed to another team mate with a better shot at the Goal. Always seems to me as one player against 20 men 8n the field!
    That has always been the weak point of iranian soccer players.
    As everyone wants to be The Star to get the fame and a foreign team chance!
    I wonder when they all become members of One team!

  6. Iran is surprising really good I really like how even though they don’t have as many top players they didn’t park the bus and actually attacked the goal

  7. The Iranian goal is exceptional goal really beautiful. From the highlight Iran played a lot better than Korea and missed more chances . Iran should have won the game . Good job Iran really unlucky

  8. watch from 3:41 please … SAEID EZATOLLAHI wins the ball from a throw with his chest at halfway line …. goes solo all the way to the 18 yard arch … shoots and hits the inside of the post …. IF that shot had went into the net … that would have been one of the best goals since the Pandemic in any international match.
    Look out for the Iranian number 6 ….. one of the best defensive midfielders in Asia ….. he will be playing in a BIG CLUB not long after the World Cup in Qatar if he stays fit … outstanding YOUNG player who is only getting better with each game

  9. Iran should have won this match 4-1 … if everything went in … BEST TEAM in ASIA right now … and with the new coach they are even better than Quieroz when it comes to attacking … TAREMI amd AZMOUN totally outshined SON in this match

  10. Iran was missing their 12th player at home, namely the 100,000 spectators that would have attended a game like this. If they were there, this game would have ended differently for sure.

  11. Man iranian shots on goal were ace. almost 2 more goals easily from distance. great power shots. iran looking deadly. lucky a player with as much as talent as son didn't get more then 1 though. proud to be iranian with our soccer players killing it all over europe right now.

  12. Let's get to the round of 16 together. in 2002 And 2010 Korea and Japan made it to round of 16 together. How about Korea Iran Japan 3 teams

  13. Funny how other national ppl trashing both sides of the team when Koreans and Iranians are complementing each team for a high quality game… lol

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