Italy reaches the Euro 2020 final after beating Spain on penalties | Highlights | ESPN FC

After a tense first half the Italian’s find the breakthrough in the 60th minute when Federico Chiesa’s fantastic curling effort finds the back of Unai Simon’s net. Alvaro Morata later equalizes for Spain in the 80th minute after a brilliant one-two with Daniel Olmo. With neither team able to find the winner after 120 minutes the game heads into a penalty shootout where Italy triumph through Jorginho’s match winning penalty.

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  1. Jorginho is my favourite player of 2020 he is the best penalty taker and also donarumma is also the best goalkeeper of euro 2020 .God bless them and italy history

  2. You Spanish can consider that payback for what you did to us in the 2008 penalty shootout… Forza Italia 💪🏼🇮🇹🥰

  3. 4:21 Italy immediately launch the counter! ,,,But here is Chiesa on the follow up!…..Italy's moments! Every time he says that OMG! I get goose bumps and I can't help watching it over and over and over…He is the best commentator. Can you be on all football matches?

  4. Both Spain and Italy supporters all well as spectators all over the world won this match…beautiful game from the players

  5. I wanted Italy to win but It seems to me Spain deserved to win more in this Match cause they had 71% possession of the ball and much more Passes than Italy did

  6. Chiesa is a beast no doubt, but a sincere special thank you to that lazy Spanish goalkeeper, from this Italian fan. That shot was easily save able, and he didn’t even bother to flinch. Thank you again! 🥇

  7. I was supporting Italy, Spain has a great squad but are not as likeable or appealing to me. Italy's Jersey much more heavy..

  8. F**K Spain, muy bien que Italia les haya ganado.
    Muy bien Italia por haber ganado contra España e Inglaterra. No hay un equipo mejor que Italia para haber sido los campeones de Europa.
    Seriously, nobody wanted Spain or England to win……..I speak both languages and I dislike both.

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