Italy's historic run ends as Spain reaches UEFA Nations League final | Highlights | ESPN FC

Ferran Torres scores two goals as Spain stuns Italy 2-1 in the UEFA Nations League semifinals, ending the Azzurri’s 37-match unbeaten run.

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  1. 🇮🇹 37 gs undefeated 🌟
    🇪🇦 35 gs undefeated
    🇧🇷 35 gs undefeated
    🇦🇷 31 gs undefeated
    🇨🇵 30 gs undefeated

  2. Futbol? I thought we were supposed to be in the middle of the deadliest "pandemlc" ever, so deadly that it allegedly justified taking away all our civil liberties & Constitutional Rights in every country. So which is it? You people need to keep your scams straight.

  3. Chiesa is so underrated. I haven’t been excited to see someone developing into a great player in a long time.

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  5. I see everyone talking about Chiesa’s performance (which was good don’t get me wrong) but no one is showing love to Fernán Torres. Mans was carrying Spain in the Euros during certain moments as well as City rn. He deserves as much hype of Chiesa

  6. Italy lost Because Everyone was expecting them to win this tournament Italy only win's trophies when everyone is expecting them to lose

  7. Luis Enrique da' man – his team dominated Italy in the Euros and did it now with a whole bunch of players that are not starters in their clubs!

  8. Game was clearly fixed…a red card?..give me a break…Spain sucked in the euro's and they will always suck…

  9. Don't worry Bonucci. You will get there someday, maybe even win a Champions League when you have enough experience…..

  10. so glad Italy lost. So overrated and got so lucky in the euro over and over again. Anyone who thinks otherwise can eat my nuts.

  11. Even if he did elbow him, what a soft sport…A red card which basically ruins the game, with a whole half to go? Brutal.
    That shouldn't have been a major foul but at least just give the other team a penalty, instead of taking a player off the field which almost means certain victory for the other side.

  12. Spain once again dominated Italy, but this time Italy didn't get lucky. Just how they got lucky in the Euro 🤡🤡🤡

    Viva España! Hala Madrid 💪

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