Josh Cavallo comes out as gay in Australia pro soccer

Josh Cavallo is a professional soccer / football player in Australia. He’s chosen to come out publicly ahead of his next season with Adelaide United.


  1. even though im not gay i knew when i was 8 years old that there was nothing wrong being gay when you different it actually makes you much unique.

  2. Imaging hating on this dude because he has a different sexual orientation than others. people in the comments need to grow tf up man. Big up Josh Cavallo

  3. Who gives a fuck about your sexuality as long as YOU’RE HAPPY and you enjoy your life!! No matter what anyone else thinks as long as you feel comfortable in your own skin then fuck all the haters 👌 💯

  4. Count on it, you are being loved for what you do and the beautiful person you are. Well done! You have brought us one step closer to acceptance, understanding and love for all! Strike down the fear and keep up the good work for the cause 🙂

  5. Please, activate the subtitle in Portuguese, because I'm a big fan of the channel, but I don't speak in English, only in Portuguese, please

  6. Hugs to you.
    Few people understand how much courage it takes for you to come out and be out.
    You become the inspiration for others young players you were looking for yourself.

  7. What an inspiration you are my friend!!!! Nothing but respect for you. It must of been really difficult to come out like this, but you can now be who you want to be openly. Wish you nothing but happiness. Hope you inspire others to come out ❤️🥰

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