Juggling a Soccer Ball for Beginners – Tutorial

In today’s video, we’ll talk about the importance of juggling in soccer and how beginners can get started with this important skill. We’ll show you a few key exercises that’ll get you juggling like a pro in no time.

Juggling is one of the most fundamental activities that should be worked on from the youngest age. Not only does it help players become more comfortable with the ball by developing touch and technique, but it can also help players from a physical standpoint by improving agility, balance and coordination. In today’s video we’ll go thru a few simple exercise, for beginners, that will help you in learning this fundamental skill.


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  1. I’ve been practicing juggling for like a year now and I haven’t improved at all. The sad part is that I’m not even exaggerating. I literally can’t juggle with my feet at all😃

  2. How long should you do each exercise for? I realize it usually depends on the person but what is a good amount time to spend on each one of these exercises

  3. I'm a girl and I love soccer, this Is very useful to me 👍
    I said I'm a girl because all my friends say I need to stop playing soccer because it's a sport for boys but I said that idc, this also goes to the people that will answer this comment saying that what my friends say it's true, I love soccer and nobody will change that.

  4. I just don't understand how hard to hit the ball and if I just let it hit my foot and where on my foot to let it hit and where to hit the ball and how to get it up and where my legs need to be and how to get it go go up and back down

  5. Do I have to have cleats on because I tried this with my regular shoes and it has duller bounces when I try

  6. I never was able to learn juggling. At all. Back in my country they never even taught it properly. Exercises like these? Forget about it! No wonder their national football team sucks!

  7. I just started playing football 2 months ago and I'm 13. Ik I'm old. The thing is I'm less confident in my self and I shoot the ball with my toes. How do I fix that? Also these tips look helpful but the only thing is I can't touch the ball with my shoelaces lol. How do I also fix this?

  8. I'm trying to Juggling with my small football , I've never played football as I'm a Girl but would like to. I'm Not good playing not as fit but would like to ,,,,,,
    With Practice football or juggling I wear my trainers ? Does this make any different ? I would like Proper good answers Please ????

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