Juventus vs. Roma: Extended Highlight | Serie A | CBS Sports Golazo

Allegri has righted the ship with Juventus winning three on the trot. Now, a true test of their credentials: Jose Mourinho and the spirited Roma attack.

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  1. the referee gave the penalty on purpose, she saw the Tammy Abraham is about to score, Italian football is so corrupt, the mob is all over the place

  2. Abraham appealed to the referee for the penalty, then kicks the ball in the net, and then is mad at the referee for giving him the penalty that he wanted but not playing advantage
    … mixed messages 😄

  3. Woow, the one zero with that man Allegri brings peace of mind and security, it feels like Juve is 3-0 up or 4 nill. Any one who wants to watch entertaining match for pleasure should meet with his girl friend or wife in bed, we only need 3 POINTS , nothing more nothing less, Forza Allegri 😎

  4. Hate Chiesa running a few strides after the tackle and then falling anyway and still drawing a yellow. He should have gotten one

  5. Terrible call from the ref he can call the advantage instead brosky decided to be a dick head and give a pej

  6. Kean should be banned from celebrating goals.😐 Dunno where he got that little dance from but it's absolutely cringeworthy.
    Kean, if this message of change gets to you and you're inspired to change celebrations, you can 100% borrow Piąteks "Two Pistols".
    It'll be fine, he's not really using it much lately.

  7. Anyone who thinks that wasn’t a penalty because mkhitaryan tried to continue the play but szecney’s forward momentum takes him down as he tries to hurdle him. So yes, penalty and yellow card was the correct decision.

  8. The penalty play was much less egregious than I was expecting it to be. There was no advantage because Mikhitaryan pretty clearly handballs after the collision with Sczcesny, so any subsequent goal would have been disallowed. So the whole deal about the ref not letting them play on is just wrong. And seeing the replay, I don't even know if there was a penalty, even though at speed it looked like there were multiple fouls. The first two challenges were pretty clearly all ball. M and S do collide, but it's after M has already kicked the ball, and it's M who crashes into S, trying to jump over him. S is just lying on the ground, trying to make himself big to block the expected shot from M, who rather than shoot tries to dribble him.

  9. Roma has scored a pure goal. Doesn't make any sense to have penalty kick if the Juve was already punished by the goal? Strange decision by referee.

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