Manchester United vs. Villarreal: Extended Highlights | UCL Groups Stage MD 2 | CBS Sports Golazo

A rematch of the 2021 UEL final features Manchester United seeking revenge versus their vanquishers Villarreal. Can new addition Ronaldo be the difference? Air Date: Sep 29, 2021

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  1. United defender Number 5 is So BAD And United Need to Change The Coach Because That is Bad Coach Every Game Look Like No Strategy And Can’t do Anything Every Game

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  3. City fan: still they lost the Europa league
    United fan: city lost to Chelsea
    City fan: at least city lost to big team
    United fan: Villarreal is big team
    City fan: oh I remember they knocked out arsenal and united
    Arsenal fan: what get out oil club

  4. That first gol for Man U is the cleanest goal I’ve ever seen in my life. Why aren’t the comments about that holy shit

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  9. I can feel the passion all the way from the USA..we appreciate this beautiful game as well ❤️🖤 so glad the fans are back!!

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