Megan Rapinoe, Carli Lloyd lead U.S. women to soccer bronze medal win | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports

It’s not the medal they dreamed of winning in Tokyo, but women’s soccer legends Megan Rapinoe and Carli Lloyd celebrated capturing bronze with the U.S. Women’s National Team against Australia. #NBCOlympics #Tokyo2020 #USWNT
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Megan Rapinoe, Carli Lloyd lead U.S. women to soccer bronze medal win | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports


  1. "Woke" idiots literally never do anything right. They dont deserve bronze, but its a lot better then seeing that moron megan with a gold.

  2. Too bad so many other team members fell under the spell of the purple haired Butch. Now they're paying the price.

  3. Somewhere Donald Trump and his supporters are laughing at the bulldozing "BRONZE" medal winners. HA, HA, HA!

  4. Hope Solo just made a statement that Rapinoe borderline bullied other players to kneel. Turns our Rapinoe is the loser most thought she was. Glad she didn't get gold, and sad that Carli Lloyd didn't.

  5. 5 days ago this video had over 10,000 comments. Looks like the npc ninnies' swept away all of the REAL critiques of this under achieving activist group that claims to be a soccer team. Way to bully your team to a bronze, Rapinoe.

  6. Lol! We Americans got lucky. Two of our goals came off defensive mistakes.
    The Australians came back. Would have tied us if not for that shot off the goalpost. Can't play defense. Pitiful. Lucky.
    I guess now they don't have to worry about kneeling or standing during the national anthem. SMH.

  7. CANCELLED! Karma is a bee-atch!! Pay cut for them! US Women's soccer team should be paid LOT less now because they did NOT win the Gold medal at the Olympics and also because 60% of their fans stopped watching them(TV ratings decreased significantly) due to most of them kneeling(including Rapinoe) while the US national anthem was being played at the Olympics. They DIVIDED their fans for kneeling whenever the national anthem is played. It's their fault. WOKE+CHOKE = BROKE JOKE.

  8. I thought that they were complaining that there is no competition for them, and now they struggle for third place. Hahaha.

  9. As an American, I was so happy to see them lose to Canada. Bummer i didn’t get Christmas back to back:( wish they lost this one too

  10. Wow…those poor passes out of our backfield again result in a goal for the opponents. The defensive effort of late has been very shaky.

  11. I was hoping the US Womens soccer team wasn't going to medal at all. Oh well, we can't have everything. It was just the bronze; no big deal. Since it's lunch time I guess I will head to Jimmy John's since Subway sucks and they have the purple haired dude doing their sucky commercials. Peace.

  12. Rapinoe is a joke, biggest loser in the world. Tried to get publicity and whoops,
    Became the most hated person in sports next to Lebron James.

  13. the fact that the woman's soccer team isn't gold medalist, USA should question the coaches they have!! ODP isn't great at all!! when did ODP have a pro player?!?!?

  14. Hahahah…I'm so glad that they placed Bronze and ruined their streak. That's what they get for being UnAmerican. Get out of here! If you want to disrespect this country by not standing up for the anthem, then you can get the F out here! We don't want you here either you outspoken idiot! Pssst…the reason you guys don't have "equal pay" is because you chose that! You chose to have the benefits you have (health, and what not) over having the higher pay. Now you guys want the same pay as the men PLUS the benefits they DON'T have?? So stupid…and people don't even look into this or realize this at all. They just believe her stupid complaining about "inequality". I say let's save the trouble and just kick her out. She is a bleeding heart, send her to Mexico be a humanitarian there haha…they'll consider that a crime again humanity that we sent her there since she is such a cancer to society.

  15. I just read some of the text. What kind of weenie do you have to be to take these AMERICA hating women seriously? Very , very sad.

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