Messi, Argentina outlast Colombia in penalty kicks to advance | 2021 Copa America | FOX SOCCER

After regulation ended in a 1-1 draw, Argentina defeated Colombia, 3-2, in penalty kicks to advance to the Copa America final. Messi scored in penalty kicks and assisted on Lautaro Martinez’s goal in the seventh minute. Argentina will play Neymar and Brazil in the final.

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Messi, Argentina outlast Colombia in penalty kicks to advance to Copa America final | FOX SOCCER

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  1. Gonzalez should never play for Argentina again, this guy is pure garbage. Dude should of scored 3 goals in this Cops America.

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  3. Why Argentina so mad when they were playing. They played mad dirty Colombia did wayyy better. The goalkeeper what a nasty game.

  4. The likeable meter corroboratively spill because observation tellingly pine to a wise china. awesome, statuesque team

  5. Messi and Argentina will never win any Cup with this generation of weak and misfiring Forwards and Defenders. Messi will be tried due to all the running and no support from Forwards or the Defenders.

  6. Papu Gomez starts two games and scores two brilliant goals, so his reward ? Back to the bench in favor of the wasteful Nico Gonzalez. Scaloni must use his head and stop fooling. Argentina are more dangerous with Papu and Messi on the pitch with Di Maria replacing Papu in the second half.

  7. Me encanta el duelo Argentina Brasil ambos son buenos, tienen influencia con la FIFA y usan artimañas en el campo de juego son del mismo nivel.

  8. Fox and espn both have the worst highlights for soccer games. Like who do you guys have making these highlights 😂😂😂😂. Literally dog water. It’s like they have American football commentators pick out what they think looks cool 😂

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