1. devons side of the story:
    my girlfriend dumped me for no reason and when i went to confront her about it she threatend me lmao

  2. Part 2 (1 STORY = 2 VERSIONS)
    Laura's mother version:

    "Hi! I am Laura's mother, and I believe I owe my sweet little daughter a real apology. I always thought she was a bad daughter, but now I realized that I was wrong. She was an amazing daugther. I was just jealous that she was always good at everything I couldn't do. I should've been proud of her, and I should've supported her when she hurt her legs, but I just made fun of her misery. And that was so wrong and unfair." some minutes later (The last minute) "I want my darling Laura to know how sorry I really am for everything I've done to her. Please tell me how I can earn my precious baby girl's forgiveness. Leave some likes, share this video with your friends and subscribe. Maybe that way my daughter will know how sorry I am. Thanks for watching."

    What do you guys think Laura's mother should do to earn her dear daughter's forgiveness?

  3. I don't know about you guys, but I want a second part of this to see what happened to Laura's mother. I'd like to see if she apologized to Laura for everything she'd done to her, Laura forgave her and they both loved each other as a family again. In that way, it would be a family of eight:
    – Laura, Noah, Laura's parents and Laura's four children.
    What do you guys think?

  4. Would someone else like Laura's mom to have apologized to her at the end and the eight of them would have been a big family? 😒😒😒

  5. Maam i see your very mean to your daughter would you like to fight me if you loose you get kick by a giant soccer shoe a 100 000 feet away

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