1. Oh boy, another day, another match to analyze,

    1:09 well… when you stick your elbow out and hit your opponent in the back that tends to be a foul…

    1:16 foul here could be on black as he interferes with whites ability to play the ball, but there was a nice advantage as the ball went to another white player streaking down the sidelines.

    1:35 the goalkeeper attempted to win the ball, and in the same motion knocked over the white player. I don't see any clear indication that the keeper missed the ball or was solely going after the attacker, so no foul.

    1:47 bowling into your opponent for a hip check is usually a foul, this is also a yellow for reckless play.

    2:00 literally the definition of an off-the-ball incident, as it happens so far behind it, the camera only picks up the whistle and card. Ergo, I have no idea what caused it, but judging from the player being down, probably a hard foul.

    2:18 sliding challenge that wins the ball cleanly. The contact with the opponent was only made after the clean tackle, and thus no foul.

    3:24 the contact we see from black here can be called a foul, but I'm actually ok with no foul, as blacks contact wasn't really out of the ordinary.

    3:53 no foul. Both players attempted to play the ball, and one ended up on the ground, and not from any sort of illegal contact by black.

    3:57 then literally two seconds later there's a foul challenge because black charges into the back of white.

    4:22 all ball, no foul. Even the referee signals this.

    4:34 no foul. Black didn't do anything illegal in the process of winning the ball.

    4:43 as bad as the aftermath looks on this challenge, I have no foul. The challenge isn't out of control, and the ball is won cleanly. The only reason black goes to ground is due to the angle of the challenge.

    Overall, a nice match.

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