Poland battles to a draw against England after late goal | World Cup Qualifier Highlights | ESPN FC

Harry Kane tallies a goal for England in the 72nd minute but Damian Szymanski scores the equalizer in stoppage time to salvage a draw for Poland in a World Cup qualifying match.

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  1. Look, I’m not the best at soccer. And to be honest sometimes I wanna give up. But watching this makes me wanna get better and try harder!

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  3. Good at beating up on inferior talented teams, not a savvy enough manager to beat similarly/better skilled teams. At some point we'll just admit that is the ceiling of Southgate England.

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  5. Great game. We understand why England has to repent for the sins of slavery in America’s,India, Africa.
    So kneel constantly. Poland never had to kill in the name of the king.

  6. English sc Um players trying to accuse Glik Of racism
    Lol 😂
    That’s coming from the most RACIST nation on earth

  7. Sometimes i specifically don’t watch the ESPN highlight vids because they state the result in the title. It ruins whatever suspense could have existed if you didn’t already know the result.

  8. That polish gk didnt hv the concentration and reaction required at rhis level. It wasnt that great a shot from kane

  9. Lewandowski should win the Ballon d'Or. This man was carrying Poland for years now. Not to mention what he has done and won with Bayern. The man is class.

  10. kudos to Shaw for realizing the danger and covering the target man maguire shouldve been all over

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