PSG vs Sevilla | SOCCER FRIENDLY | 7/27/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA

PSG had to come from behind twice to equalize with Sevilla in a pre-season friendly.
#PSG #Sevilla #SoccerFriendly

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  1. How can Navas play in a pre-season game but not play for Costa Rica at the Gold Cup. We could’ve really helped out smh

  2. Let’s all laugh at p$g because they will bottle the UCL with all those transfers 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. I can barely see the ball… why tf is ligue 1 using a green ball? Aren’t those banned by FIFA??

  4. PSG gets Pogba and in theory thats a dream Team…. They have dethrone RMadrid buying superstars now

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