Qatar hangs on for 3-2 win over El Salvador in Gold Cup quarterfinals | 2021 Gold Cup

Down 3-0, El Salvador stormed back and almost tied their 2021 Gold Cup quarterfinal game against Qatar up in the second half, but ultimately lost 3-2.

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Qatar hangs on for 3-2 win over El Salvador in Gold Cup quarterfinals ​| 2021 Gold Cup

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  1. Great job to Qatar! That was spectacular. A lesson to learn though is don't stop applying pressure no matter how far ahead you are.

  2. Teams are boring and garbage tournament it’s always mexico and the US people want to watch but why is Qatar in this tournament

  3. The Mexico fans celebrating Qatar's goal and waving their flag sums up how well Mexicans get along with El Salvadorians.

  4. Real talk though, salvadoreños and mexicanos need to stop this beef between them. We need to help each other and support each other. It’s stupid and childish that we fight among us.

  5. 1…Why is QATAR in GOLD CUP? they are a middle east country!
    2… I need to see birth certificates because Most of Qatar DOES NOT LOOK like they are from Qatar
    3… These teams are not even the best teams because of olympics and other tournaments that just ended…

  6. What drama … Qatar almost had a 4-0 lead, then imploded defensively after minute 60, El Salvador's unfortunate offside play canceling out their 3-3 goal, and finally Qatar's desperate defending, including the goalkeeper's heroic sortie. El Salvador played poorly in the first fifteen minutes, and superbly the rest of the time. Qatar will have to be contended with at the World Cup next year.

  7. How much is Qatar paying Fox? Yea they are really legit beating the mighty powerhouses of Grenada, Honduras, and El Salvador. This braindead commentary.

  8. The best game in my opinion of the Quarterfinals. That second goal from Aziz was beautiful and those two goals from Rivas in the second half gave them life. Oh so close to tying the match from El Salvador 🇸🇻🇶🇦

  9. 2 goals in 6 minutes and on tap of that the Mexican referee gives a penalty kick to Qatar. never let a Mexican referee

  10. is FOX reposting this video? I swear they have reposted a highlights of the game almost every day since the match.

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  12. Y'all are saying Qatar is gonna beat the US? Did y'all watch the same game I did? They are terrible defensively, we could easily put 3 or 4 goals past them

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  14. Am I the only one wondering why Qatar is in the Gold Cup? I didn't know 'Asian' teams were involved in a 'Americas' event.

  15. I’ll be dammed if Qatar wins this tournament. How embarrassing would that be for the whole concacaf and every country in it? Qatar is a smaller country than El Salvador.

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