Ricardo Pepi ON FIRE in USMNT's win vs. Jamaica | CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying Highlights | ESPN FC

The United States overcomes some controversial first-half decisions in a 2-0 victory vs. Jamaica. Ricardo Pepi is the hero for the USMNT after scoring both goals and becoming the youngest player to score in consecutive USMNT World Cup qualifiers since 1988.

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  1. It looks Like USA will become the boss here in North America and it will end when Mexico gets rid of Tata Martino who is making Mexico be a USA's punching bag!

  2. America is da ish. Salivating? The hyperbole. I can only imagine the happiness with a certain level of cringe.

  3. not DOGSO on the 1st one. The foul happened 40 yards from goal. And there was a backside defender who may have been able to recover to defend. The 2nd one… Red Card.

  4. The first incident should’ve been red card the 2nd one is not even a foul Jamaican player touched the ball before making body contact with the US striker

  5. As a Mexico fan, it’s the concacaf and when the big stages come up crumbling time will happen. But at least we get to look good while playing the lesser competition 🤙🏻

  6. “How can we kill you..” and you wonder why the world see US culture as violent. Even in a football match death is brought into a gave that is life.

  7. Commentators are blinded by Patriotic Nationalism and void of professionalism. The first fowl I agree was a red card. Jamaican player should have gotten a red. The second was professional defending, executed to perfection. So I had to watch this on mute after this. Then at half time the commentator regarded other countries as lesser countries, the arrogance and ignorance was too much to take. Talk about lacking respect. You were always going to win this but the disgusting attitude was not called for. All that was left was for the half time commentators to regard us a sh*thouse countries.

  8. finally.. you guys found a good kid.

    btw europe, we have so many good players at street level; you should be worried if we keep actually getting them into the programs.

    This US team COULD win a world cup.(coming from one of the most critical and scrutinizing football enthusiasts around)

  9. USA a population of 370 million
    Jamaica 2.5 million.
    Big difference, USA should win all games by at least 5 goals differential

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