Rich Soccer Mom SHAMES Single Mom

today Socksfor1 reacts to Rich Soccer Mom SHAMES Single Mom
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  1. Love how she said “children with a single mother are always ending up on the streets”
    Allen Iverson is one of the most successful NBA players ever and he didn’t have a dad

  2. 4:21 when she sai that
    My mom (single)
    my bro works as a plastics sergion probably paid more than her
    Me: pilot

  3. Socks saying congratulations to TBH that he hit 70k subscribers also Socks having 1,09 subscribers 🙂🤜🤛😁

  4. When you are looked down upon and laughed at jump for joy on that day because in heaven the first will be last and the last will be first

  5. Socks I thought the same thing about the dads being kids when I first watched this video,cause I watch Dhar Mann in my free time.

  6. At least actual soccers don’t do this. I was like 25 minutes late to soccer and the coach didn’t mind.

  7. "Imma just stop you there red head rich Barbie woman. I was raised only by my mother and I turned out just fine"

    "Ok, I may or may not have had to go into foster care when I was four, get reunited with my parents only to get taken away again and placed back into foster care, then get put up for adoption and after waiting for four years get to that point, change schools like nobody's business, and then get my first job and get fired within the first week because I forget to do one thing correctly, I then go into $150 into debt because I forgot that I had no money because I got fired from my job, then I result in a MASSIVE bout of depression causing me to attempt suicide a few times, then I find out that some of my friends are doing drugs like shrooms and vaping and I go through more depression and then join them for about a month, then I turn 16…."

    "Yeah. I turned out just fine :)"

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