Supa Strikas – Match Day! ⚽ | Top 3 Matches: Season 3 | Compilation | Soccer Cartoon for Kids!

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00:00 One Super League Under the Sea
Supa Strikas find themselves in deep water, literally, as they take on Hydra at the bottom of the ocean! But North Shaw is left top-side after an early morning surf. The central defender must plunge to the bottom of the ocean, fend off the creatures of the deep, and help Supa Strikas win the game. But can he handle the pressure?

08:24 How To Get a Header In, in the Super League
Coach sends Shakes for some special training with an eccentric heading coach, nicknamed the Battering Ram! After dodging soccer balls fired from canons and leaping off cliffs, will Shakes master the training before the big game against Barka? Scrap that… with training like this, will Shakes make it to the game at all?

13:44 Suspended Animation
Ahead of a big Technicali encounter, Shakes reveals his secret… The Zone. But Shakes finds himself in the twilight zone when Coach organises some virtual reality training to find the source of The Zone. As the training gets weirder and weirder, Shakes starts to suspect that things are not what they seem!

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