The 5 Reasons Why Mbappé Wants To Leave PSG To Join Real Madrid

Kylian Mbappé wants to play for Real Madrid! It’s a sure thing. But why does he want to leave PSG? What are the reasons that have made Kylian Mbappé absolutely want to leave a PSG side with Neymar and Messi to join Real Madrid? The answer is in this video!

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  1. Football is changing because young stars are looking up to assholes…lol
    Nowdays we are saying that Lukaku is the best number 9, so whwere do u put drogba and Ronaldo Nazario, our football standards is at an alltime low

  2. Is good for him to leave and start afresh. It will also be good for another player who has been underrated at psg because of mbeppe

  3. Mbappe is a spoiled kid that uselessly tries to immitate the goats he will never even minimumly reach the levels of. U got a long way to go kiddo, dailt reminder dear mbappe u play in a joke of a League lets see if u will continue being so cocky in a real League

  4. Mbappe isn't a legend. And never will be. Messi had 2 ballo dors at his age. Has this dude even cracked top 10?

  5. Kylian Mbappe is my fouvorite Football player and Real Madrid CF is my fouvorite Football Club .


  6. Mbape is the most arrogant shitty striker out there. I mean all he can do is run. Crap at shooting and dribbling. Just join the Olympics man.

  7. Mbappe needs to leave that shit league and join some real competition. He is just wasting himself in that shit league and team.

  8. Look mbappe and nemar and messi it will be so cool pls mbappe stay in PSG pls😭😭 or else I cry pls no now messi old and u score more goals pls I beging u pls pls pls pls I beg u pls pls

  9. Well thats how people back in the days criticized ronaldo when he choose to go to real madrid…so best of luck in spanish league you can use the negative energy to charge you up and prove haters wrong😁

  10. He will never be a legend cuz he's arrogant😠not like messi very humble person.Let him go to madrid cuz he will never be on top if messi is in the club😂

  11. Messi played with ronaldinho. He surpassed him while playing in the same team. That's how legend should be. Legends dont care about others

  12. Staying in farmers league and retirement club won’t take him anywhere. Real Madrid has a future project revolving around Mbappe while in PSG they keep signing players at the end of their careers for some reasons lol. Mbappe must go to Real Madrid.

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