US Women’s Soccer Team To Boycott Scoring Goals Until Racism Is Defeated

Megan Rapinoe and the US Women’s Soccer team have made history at the Olympics by not scoring a single goal to bring awareness to racism. Brave. Stunning. And other buzz words.

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  1. Please boycott any goals forever!!! I rather watch Sweden women, they are better looking and plays much better.

  2. This is soooo funny! Had a good laugh by watching your video about these ''clever'' players`!

  3. I finally rejected this "US" "soccer" "team" the minute the news broke, they'd snubbed and affronted the still incumbent President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump. Regards, Horatio Nelson.

  4. Not standing up for the Anthem while her other teammates of other races did was disgusting. Rapinoe is a POS and she needs to get kicked off the team. She should haven't been over there if she didn't want to compete for her country. Many others would give an arm and a leg to be in her shoes. She doesn't care though because she making money off of Subway commercials and "fighting racism" in the most ridiculous ways possible.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS to our Olympic Soccer Team for winning yet another medal! Great team! Great representatives of America! Patriotic Heroes!

  6. Wow. Behold all the stupid misogynistic comments here. We still have no shortage of moronic men. The two morons in this video are prime examples. They think they’re being cute. Moronic men almost always think they are.

  7. They don't have to play and they can go get a real job that takes hard physical skills. Maybe they can go work in construction using shovels to dig with. They won't last 10 minutes doing that.

  8. People should just Boycott that team hey I don’t watch soccer any ways but if I did and had respect for the men and women who died to protect this Country and all of there a—S I would boycott them in a heart beat.
    All true Americans know what they’re up too and its a bunch of Crap they need Racism to help drive their Agenda with out it they fall so people like that and others want to keep it alive sickness me that they’re teaching others to be Racist.

  9. Olympics 2024… USA should just find a decent high school boys soccer team willing to identify as women and the GOLD will be OURS!!

  10. In International Soccer throwing a game, which is what the US is doing, is illegal so they should be fined and kicked out of all competition. and lose all money, lets home their sponsors pull they funding.

  11. Damn, how dare Sweden score goals! Don’t they want to end racism as well? Don’t they see what massage the US team trying to sent the world?


  13. I've done some thinking. Sweden worked hard to be in the Olympics and I think it's a real insult to Sweden that the US soccer team deliberately threw the game. It will forever tarnish Sweden's win. Honestly it wasn't fair to Sweden. Personally I think the Olympic's should ban the U.S. soccer team from competing for the foreseeable future. It's not far for those who worked so hard to get there. The Olympics will forever be tarnished by this! For the record thanks to these LOSERS some team that could have competed didn't get the chance.

  14. If she really feels that way as a white woman than she should give up her position to someone of color be the the change HONEY! BE THE CHANGE! I think every sponsor should pull their ads. I'm sure not going to waist my time watching someone deliberately lose. NOTE as long as there are people there will be racism even against their own race.

  15. What a load of sh#t I think there running out of ideas because nobody gives a sh$t about woman’s football,like everything else when it’s not going your way bring out the race card,total bollocks.

  16. The Babylon Bee: This is stupid misinformation and you look like clowns. How did you come up that this was a boycott of scoring goal? Really curious how your drum up this BS. You can say they sucked at the Olympics but say that they boycott making goals is pathetic information that just adds to hate in the country. Why cant you have an intelligent conversation with substance and facts?

  17. women's soccer sport, what is that? there are no women it it and they are not playing soccer , so wrong so wrong

  18. I didn't know that US has a "sucker team". I feel a lot better now knowing this was a woke sucker team!

  19. I'm sick and tired of these woke people kneeling at a sports game. First BLM don't matter! ALL lives matter, not just blacks! And second. When I go and pay my money to watch a game. I don't want to see or hear a political stunt. I pay to watch a game. If they want to take a knee and any other political BS. Then they can call a press conference and do it in their own time and not on my dime! They are there to work. The soccer field is their office. If people started doing this BS at their office. They would be fired! So well done to Carli Lloyd for not following the woke BS movement!

  20. sack them, simple, this happens because it,s allowed to happen by cowards, get Alex ferguson to be their new manager, that vile rapinoe would be on the bench every game

  21. Guess they will stay at Zero forever since everything is now racist even a stone. If your team isn't scoring points it's getting replaced quite fast.

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