USMNT defeats Jamaica, 1-0, advances to semis on Matthew Hoppe's dramatic late goal | 2021 Gold Cup

The United States Men’s National Team played Jamaica to a scoreless stalemate for the first 82 minutes of the two teams’ Gold Cup quarterfinals match, but Matthew Hoppe broke the tie with a dramatic 83rd-minute header that sent the Americans into the tournament semifinals for a date with Qatar.

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USMNT defeats Jamaica, 1-0, advances to semis on Matthew Hoppe’s dramatic late goal | 2021 Gold Cup

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  1. the Jamaican #8 should be ashamed of himself for this lost, dude was the only one that didn't jump for the ball, left it on a silver platter and backed away, what a guy

  2. Once again US giving up a huge chance in the opening minute. This needs to be addressed. Been a problem for over a decade now.

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  4. As shaky as the US has looked in this tournament, it doesnt concern me. None of these guys, with the exception of one or two, will make the world cup squad. This is the B team after all.

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  6. Yow #10 and #8 really slappy to be a professional player.. #8 look at the guy behind home and just ignore him

  7. Jamaica needs some new strikers, the kid with the braids missed some easy opportunities. Blake is elevating Jamaica, what a goalie, so glad he plays for my Union. Lets go USA!

  8. Honestly. US and Mexico bringing players to trial for world cup squads made this tournament more exciting. Major difference is Mexico liked scary good that first 45' against Honduras.

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  10. I’m 15 and play for Orlando city and like 2 weeks ago the Jamaican team was practicing like a field away from my team and I it was pretty sick

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  12. Jamaica could’ve easily take the W but didn’t finish them on 3-4 Occasions. It wasn’t an easy game for US. Hoping finals are Mexico VS USA once again 🙌🏽

  13. ya todos sabemos quien sera el proximo campeon de la copa de oro!!

  14. Should be a card to jamaica in the 10th minute. Simulation. Player feigned injury. Got carted off. Changed his boots. Came back on

  15. Freaking Jamaica; so much good chances and still left 0(zero) foolishness!! Gotta take advantage of those chances..

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