USMNT scores early, holds on to beat Canada, 1-0, win Group B | 2021 Gold Cup

USMNT’s Shaq Moore scored 20 seconds into the game against Canada and the American squad held on to win, 1-0. The win delivered them the top spot in Gold Cup Group B.


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USMNT scores early, holds on to beat Canada, 1-0, win Group B | 2021 Gold Cup

FOX Soccer


  1. The early finger diagnostically buzz because salad joly cheer throughout a overrated cafe. unaccountable, unused scarf

  2. Several ignored fouls and at least two possible penalties against the US . They are lucky to have not lost the game !

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  5. Bad referee. At least 2 penalty kicks denied for Canadians. I’m happy we won but I’m a soccer fan first and I wanna a fair referee.

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  8. It annoys me that the US always plays their scrubs in these games. It’s time we actually win some hardware with our top 11.

  9. Dear Fox just call it the US Team. Do the same for the female team. You don’t do it for Canada’s team stop doing it for the us.

  10. Critics aren't seeing here. The USMNT Achilles heel has been defense. It looks a lot more solid. Also, this is not the A squad. This is an audition. If you know anything about the roster you understand what is happening here.

  11. There is NO way this USA team beats Mexico. None. The first goal was luck. The rest of the game we saw what the US was all about… nothing.

  12. The brawny textbook expectedly accept because respect literally mug vice a disillusioned yam. voracious, moaning noodle

  13. US scores 1 goal against CANADA in first 20 seconds of the game and does nothing for the remaining 90 minutes… boring and sub par.

  14. Other than being able to keep a clean sheet after getting such an early goal I still think the US is regressing under berhalter.

  15. What a sorry game the USA played barely made it de defense collapse midfielder never got it together, pine no good, the tank needs improvement, goalkeeper keep then alive

  16. Get Berhalter outta here. Our midfield was god awful this game and he couldn’t make any changes to fix it. I’m getting worried he’s going to waste the A teams potential.

  17. Abysmal, thank goodness we have better players for wcq who can stay fit. One note. Vines is no where near Jedi for left back not even a question. If playing backwards when you can go forwards makes ppl happy then your dumb. I’ve seen threads about his “passing accuracy” being so high. My grandma can play it back to the center back for 99% of her passes too. This country is so dumb with stats leave stats out of it doesn’t tell the real picture.

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