Villarreal vs. Manchester United: Extended Highlights | Group Stage – MD5 | CBS Sports Golazo

Villarreal hosts Manchester United in a 2021 Europa League Final rematch as both sides enter the match tied atop Group F with seven points.

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  1. Cristiano Ronaldo is the GOAT. He makes goal scoring look so easy and it's the hardest thing to do in the game (ask Messi, 1 goal in 7 Ligue 1 Farmers League games).

  2. Ever since Sancho left Dortmund I've been rooting for him to do well at ManU. So happy he got his first goal, and what a cracking shot too! Hope this opens the floodgates. Much love from a BvB fan

  3. I think Fred should take some credit as well. I think Carrick used him well. Pressing box to box. That's his rightful position. Not defensive.

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